Raymond Bonilla

Lefferts and 95th, 2019
Oil on Panel
30 x 24 x 0.87 in (76.20 x 60.96 x 2.21 cm)
This painting is of a street that I grew up on near my parent’s home in Richmond Hill, NY (a suburb of Queens, NY). After coming back from school on the MTA bus, I would always exit the bus on this street. It’s the same street corner that I would cross on my way back from elementary school, as well as the one I'd cross with my family after church. The painting is a reflection of the multicultural working middle class neighborhood that I grew up in. From the cars tightly lined up, to the figure walking down the street holding plastic bags, each one of which are from well-known local corner stores. Especially at times like this, as I live over 400 miles away, the place and people that I grew up around are often in my mind.
Lefferts and 95th by Raymond Bonilla

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