What is The Great American Paint In™?

Our vision for this project is to build a marketplace where America’s greatest artists can share their 2020 world pandemic experience through their art. We will strive to collect and make this art available to the world through our website, and ultimately share it in a beautifully published tabletop book. 

Who is hosting this project?

Bill Weinaug is an avid art collector and supporter of the arts. Bill and his wife Mary were featured in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine as America’s top 100 art collectors. They sponsor the popular Wekiva Paint Out. They are in the process of building an art gallery that will be called Gallery CERO at their popular Florida resort destination Wekiva Island.

What is a Paint In™?

The Paint In™ is our title for this unifying event where artists paint from their own space or environment for the purpose of completing paintings of their life from their life. The Paint In™ brings them all together, wherever they are, in one collection—just as a paint out event might do in person.

What am I required to submit? 

We are looking for a work of art, along with a story about the emotion in your life at this time. 

What type of artwork are you looking for? 

The collection will showcase the art of American artists (and artists worldwide) as they paint during the home quarantine. There are no rules as to type or form of art, except that we want to capture emotion. There are no expectations of medium, size or cost. We are leaving these details up to the artist. 

The art can be plein air (outdoors and indoors), representation or abstract, still life or figurative, 2D or 3D... any medium is welcomed. 

How many pieces can I submit?

Only one active work of art and story can be uploaded to the site at a time. If that work of art is sold in the marketplace, you can upload another piece of work to replace the sold piece. Sold art with its story will continue to be shown on the ARTIST BIO page, noted as SOLD. 

Does my artwork have to be new or can it be an older piece, or one not for sale?

You can of course create a piece specifically for this, but you also have the option of submitting either a piece that isn't available for sale or an already completed piece, that is still relevant through your story. The most important part is submitting something that highlights the emotion you are feeling during this period of time. 

Can I submit artwork that isn't for sale?

Yes, you can feature art that is not for sale. You also can publish the price or not. 

How can I apply? 

Please submit your inquiry on our website and our team will be in touch shortly after reviewing your work. 

How can I recommend another artist?

We love artist referrals and appreciate you spreading the word about The Great American Paint In™! Please have them fill out the inquiry form on our website, making sure to list you as a reference. 

When is the deadline to submit my artwork? 

The deadline can be flexible, since the situation is quite uncertain. The earlier submitted, the better however, because we anticipate the project growing quickly.

Can I still sell my artwork outside of The Great American Paint In™’s website? 

Our goal is to create a marketplace to showcase all of the incredible art that is being inspired while artists are stuck inside. Any artwork you submit to the collection goes into the marketplace, but of course you can still sell the piece directly. 

What happens once my artwork sells? If your piece sells, you are welcome to replace it with another piece. All of your art, both for sale and sold, will appear on your artist profile on The Great American Paint In™ website.

Still have questions? Contact us!